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The Future of Brewing


Water Stewardship


Ensure access to water and sanitation for allEnsure sustainable consumption and production patternsTake urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

We want to make beer even friendlier. From efficient malting, to zero grain waste, we need help implementing environmentally responsible practices across our entire production line.

We believe the future of brewing will look much different than it does today. With new technology and innovation, we can fundamentally change the entire production process of our products. We are always looking for new technology and solutions that can help our breweries in further cutting emissions, reducing water and minimizing waste.

We are particularly interested in:

  • New technology for production sequencing to minimize line flushing/CIP/sterilization treatment cycles
  • New solutions or equipment for energy efficient malting, boiling, pasteurization and refrigeration
  • Beer filtration innovations that are more environmentally-friendly
  • New technology applications for predicting & identify areas of risk before contamination in food or beverage production
  • New technology applications for optimized process and waste reduction