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Empowering Small Business




End poverty in all its forms everywhereAchieve gender equality and empower all women and girlsPromote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for allReduce inequality within and among countriesMake cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

Help us support our partners by creating scalable learning platforms, financial products & training solutions for all literacy levels.

Small businesses play a critical role driving economic growth and providing livelihoods for people and their families. Every year, AB InBev engages with millions of small business partners across its value chain, from small scale farmers growing crops to micro-retailers engaging with consumers. Many small businesses often lack access to formal business skills, affordable financial products or business infrastructure. This can limit their ability to grow and thrive, and to provide an adequate income for their families.

Examples of startups that we would love to see apply are:

  • Infrastructure solutions that provide small enterprises with opportunities to improve their access to energy, sanitation and security
  • Digital skills training solutions that measurably and lastingly improve the knowledge and practices of small enterprises, with the potential for significant scale
  • Affordable, accessible financial products (e.g. low-interest loan products, crop insurance)