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Circular Packaging


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How do we share our beer with the world without compromising quality, flavor, or our planet? Help us innovate exciting ways to close the loop on packaging.

The future will depend on a circular economy in order to create long-term, sustainable value for everyone. We are constantly on the lookout for new ways to increase the amount of recycled content in our packaging and eliminate weight and other components. We believe there is potential for creating completely, or near-completely, circular packaging across our entire supply chain.

We’d love to see cutting-edge solutions that address the following:

  • New solution or technology to make returnable bottle programs both a convenient and high-end experience for consumers and easy to implement and sustain for retailers/distributors
  • Collection & recycling of waste from high tech solutions like robotic AI and machine learning for sorting and picking to low cost, low tech solutions for fast and easy implementation in developing economies
  • Rapid decomposition of packaging materials
  • Increasing recycled content in all glass, crowns, aluminum, and PET plastic, while maintaining quality standards
  • New solutions or ideas for consumer reuse of packaging
  • Greener alternatives for secondary and tertiary packaging (e.g. replacing plastic used in shrink wrap) as well as trade marketing materials
  • Removing or substituting the plastic liner from crown caps without compromising drink quality e.g. new methods of O2 capture