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Carbon Action

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    Climate Action

  • UN SDG

It's time to improve production, manufacturing, operations and everyday logistics. Work with us to advance the future of affordable and renewable energy forms.

The companies that create the products and goods that we use every day can be more proactive in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. The future is dependent on finding affordable, renewable forms of energy that can fundamentally change how companies power their production, manufacturing, logistics, and more.

We are interested in companies that have new technology or solutions for the following:

  • Cutting-­edge renewable energy solutions for farms, breweries, warehouses and distribution centers
  • Renewable energy solutions for standalone farming and manufacturing equipment (harvesters, forklifts, water pumps, tractors, etc.)
  • New solutions or technology for removing carbon from the atmosphere
  • New cogeneration and/or energy-­storage technology or solutions
  • Energy monitoring and control technology